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Solo pianist Lee Allen provides the sophisticated, relaxing sound of a 3-5-piece jazz ensemble, performing original arrangements of standards, jazz and pop songs as instrumental background music. 

Lee Allen’s music is of a unique style -- popular music influenced by classical and romantic harmonies and structures, and performed in a jazz-trio motif. 

Lee Allen's one-man jazz-trio sound is so realistic and authentic because he has actual experience playing each of these instruments, and so has developed a personal playing style for each instrument, separately, over the years. 

Lee's musical approach to arranging is to deliver familiar melodies seen a new way, while preserving the message and spirit of the original song.

Services from Lee Allen - Pianist are typically priced between solo-pianist and band/combo prices.  Lee Allen's technique and capabilities allow for extremely competitive pricing for events requiring background music.

Many of Lee Allen's clients have trusted him for years with recurring engagements.  Some of them are listed below.

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